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Pedag: Nubuck Cleaner Bar Eraser Block

Pedag: Nubuck Cleaner Bar Eraser Block

SKU: 1130315367861

The pedag Nubuck Cleaner Fine removes superficial stains on fine nubuck leather and is suitable for shoes, bags and clothing. Perfect if you are in a hurry and have no time for a thorough cleaning.

Simply rub the leather eraser over the stain, then brush it out, e.g. with the shoe brush pedag Nubuk. In no time the stain is forgotten and your nubuck leather shoes are ready for their appearance again.

However, the leather eraser does not replace deep care. 

For this purpose there is the pampering cleaning pedag Combi Set. The pedag Suede & Nubuck Spray then refreshes the colours and cares for the leather. For ultimate protection against moisture, dirt and stains, finally waterproof the material.

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